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Deep Drawn Part -- Stainless Steel Tube

Jun. 02, 2020

Recently, We have developed a new product for a Korea customer. The product is stainless steel tube, it is made by deep drawn. The length is about 100mm, the outer diameter is about 30mm, the thickness is 0.5mm. This product is used for water dispenser. The material is SUS316L and this material is suitable for deep drawing. The pipe is of one piece and is well sealed. It could bear much water pressure. Below is the product picture.

Deep Drawn Part

We produce it by about 10 steps, such as deep drawn -- making flange -- annealing -- polishing. The process is complex. The tubes have done grinding polishing and the outer surface look like mirror. The tube inside is very clean and have do electrolytic polishing. We also make passivation for this SUS COVER. It could bear salt spray testing keeping 7 days and no rust.

Our this tubes could meet food grade as this tube is used for water dispenser. The end customer is SAMSUNG. The quality could be guaranteed.

The deep drawn workmanship could make different products used for various usage, such as temperature housing, SUS cover for electronic toilet seat, cans, speaker shell and other protective enclosure. If you have any goods with similar shape, please contact me freely. We could offer you the professional advice.

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