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High speed train coat and hat hooks

High speed train coat and hat hooks

Product Description

Product Name

High speed train coat and hat hooks

Product Material

Steel Plate Cold Commercial, galvanized plate, Stainless Steel,copper, aluminum, and so on


According to drawings

Production Processing

Blanking, punching, bending, riveting, welding, polishing, assembly

Surface Treatment

Polishing, Plating, Brushing, anodizing, passivation,Power coating,

Drawings format


Sample Lead Time

10 to 20 days

Payment terms

T/T,  L/C

Finished Time

10 to 30 days after getting orders

Production experience

21 years

Export experience:

10 years


If our samples could not meet drawings requests, we will return back the molds cost to customers. Customer will have no risk for cooperation with us


punching machine from 600 tons to 15 tons

Hydraulic machine

Welding machine

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